Saturday, August 8, 2009

Breakfast with Winners!

As each women arrived at our hotel for breakfast, there was both gratitude and honor consuming all. The three women, ranging from 19 to 23, received micro-grant and were able to join us for breakfast. Our group created a beautiful ceremony for the presentation of the grant awards for these women which included a blessing for their future business endeavors and a symbolic gift of jewelry.

Mwai, the oldest at 23, will start a jewelry making business. Mitali at age 20, inspired by her mother, wants to start a clothing business. Sarai at 19 is the youngest is attending the local college and looking into starting a business that would allow her the freedom to continue her studies. With this meeting, we have started networking opportunities for these ladies to support each other with cross promotion.

What we want to mention about these young ladies is that each one, being so young to American standards, were so poised, courageous, and unstoppable in the face of their circumstances. Each harbored the character and integrity to greatly contribute to others. As women, each member of our group was left humbled in the presence of these women and inspired by what we are capable of as a woman.

Each grant recipient found this as an invaluable and affirming tool for their self confidence and dreams to be fulfilled. The day ended fittingly with an angelic and haunting song sung by Sarai that captured the essence and losses and dreams of Malawian women.
Like big to little sisters, we walked Sarai to catch the bus, empowered to take the next step in her journey which we trust will be one of many to come in her successful life!

Jill, Karen, and Megan

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