Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Blessing For Ina

I wrote this for a Ina when we were at Mua Mission but thought it was a good Blessing for all Women.

My Dear Soul Sister I say your name as a prayer to all women.

As I stood on the deep rich dark soil of Africa today God whispered in my ear. He told me dear one about His most precious baby girl, you. His words came to me through the beautiful eyes of the woman you have become.

God spoke to me dear sister about the day of your birth. He told me my sweet, strong sister of the blessings He bestowed on you before you left the warmth of His loving embrace to touch all of our lives. You see my sister, God blessed you the day He gifted us with you. He blessed you with troubles and so you are strong, compassionate and kind to all. He blessed you with heartbreak so now your heart has broken open and the brilliant light within now radiates to all. He blessed you with your past so you would be this present now.

God wanted me to tell you dear one, He has blessed you with His strength and presences and to tell you he holds you in each moment.
God has blessed you today. You have become the promise of all He hoped and dreamed. Today dear sister God has blessed you with all the courage to use for wings to soar. Your heart has been blessed on this day; your kindness will bless the world.

Through your words, through your eyes and heart and strength of character you will write the stories of others. You will be the voice that carries the message of the spirit of the people, like the wind that blows across this land to others. You dear sister will be the smile of joy and openness of heart that others will see and trust. You will hear their story with an open heart of compassion and you will see His love in the eyes of others. You sister, will be strong enough to bear their story as you learned to bear your own. You will teach others and like seeds the lessons will take root and grow.

God has heard and granted your prayers. His strength is your strength. His compassion and kindness is your compassion and kindness and His love beats deeply in your heart. From this day forward, to the next, to the next and next, you will always know that God blessed you today, holding you in his embrace – that you are God’s most precious child He has never left you and never will.
Today God has blessed your heart with wings my sister and you will forever fly.

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