Wednesday, August 26, 2009

chisomo ~ grace

can you hear my voice?
it travels with the winds
scattering infinite grains of sand across the sahara
the secrets of my sisters
of untold abuse, exploitation, and oppression

carrying with it my fierce spirit and brave heart
the heart of a warrior
heart of a woman

do you see me?
the burden i bear?
like so many lines of destiny etched into time
maps of trials and tribulation
tracing the palms

raised to the sky
waiting for precious dew from heaven
to quench the thirst of parched land
praying to heaven and earth
for strength, redemption

look at these hands of mine
they hold stories
of tenderness-
embracing loved ones
ushering new life to the world
of sacrifice-
tending to my duties as mother and wife
drawing water from the well
gathering firewood
toiling in the fields~ cultivating maize and cassava
of violation-
at the hands of wanton men lurking in the cassava fields
of injustice-
in the flailing fists of my husband
who wishes to break my spirit
who demands my hard earned money
from selling the fruits of my labor~ my blood, sweat, and tears
who wrecklessly spends it on booze and booty
leaving little for the needs of our family

my face
a mirror
do you see my beauty, my grace?
it is your beauty and grace
these rivulets of tears
they are your tears
can you see through windows beyond smiles
look within-
you will find an eternal life giving and sustaining well
one that gives of itself endlessly

will you not hear me?
will you not see?

though my hands chafe and wear with time
though my face weathers in the sun and wind
though my warrior heart breaks
my spirit endures
that is the heart and spirit of a woman
i am mother-daughter-sister-wife-and friend
i am grace

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