Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life After Mua

Its not every day that one comes across an experience that totally rejuvenates you, and changes your whole being inside out. Its not every day that a person meets a total stranger and instantly clicks with them as would a magnet to a piece of metal. Its not every day that a person opens up like a flower and shares all that is inside them with people.

But with Mua all these things were possible. On August 9, 16 women drawn from North America and Malawi in Africa came together for the first time and shared their stories. So powerful were the stories that tears were shared with reckless abandon. Together we weaved the various shades of our stories into one beautiful cloth. And together we realised that we were connected by a common purpose - to use our womanhood to make a difference.

Now that Mua has inspired us, we agree that we must not let the flame die. I see a flame so bright shining ahead of me. I want more Malawian women to tell their stories and to see their name in print. I am inspired and want to inspire others. I care about the girl child and want her to have a good future. I am hoping that I can use what Mua gave me to help female students find their inner voice. I know all this is possible and the flame that was first lit at Mua will torch the hearts of many more women to come.

Deborah Nyangulu-Chipofya

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