Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We have landed!

From Megan:

We have landed in Malawi safe and sound! The travel to Malawi went without too many hiccups. South African Air somehow left all our luggage in Jo'berg and it may catch up with us in a day or two. Until then, we are making do... after all, it is Africa! The group is offering all extras such as t-shirts and sweaters- not underwear!

To establish our connections to the African soil, several of the group participated in a short ceremony setting intentions. We sat on the ground, connecting ourselves to the earth and to each other. Some of the sista's brought and shared bits of personal earthly pieces, I presented my travel shamrock that Dorothy gave me before my first journey abroad with my mother many, many years ago.

Additionally, this morning, just as the sun was starting to brighten the sky, the call to prayer was signaling. It was a magical time to share the moment with the country, or at least the 20% of the people that were called to be up at that hour to pray.

Tonight, our group will be together as we have dinner at Sue's son's house. Sue will then join us for the rest of the journey. Looking for more stories to share as the days and journey continues.


  1. Hi Everyone!
    Of course ritual is how you begin your journey in Africa!
    I am so glad that you arrived there safely, and were able to connect with the land, the country, and with each other in such a meaningful way.
    I'm so grateful to you all for sharing this gift through a blog, and I will be looking forward to reading all of your stories!
    Oh, hope very much for your luggage to catch up with you soon!

  2. I am so glad you arrived safely. What a great idea to start a blog about this trip. I will be with your group as you document your time there now! How exciting. Enjoy your time there.

  3. Megan, just picking up on the blog after returning from my own travels. Your Malawian adventure sounds entrancing. I look forward to seeing pics! Jack