Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lovely Day

This evening we closed the day with a writing exercise and I recognized the generosity and love present in this community. I am very moved by who these women are. I have had an incredible time so far, and am eager for more....including more bananas....:)
I am so grateful for being on this trip and realize through who I have had the opportunity to meet, that I am in the perfect place. I shared with the group tonight that I feel surprisingly present and recognize myself as being at home because home exists inside the walls of my skin.....So I am very comfortable here.
Some highlights from the day....we traveled to a wildlife reserve and saw the CUTEST monkeys!!!! Then I spoke to some women who were dealing with problems at their volunteer positions, one was from Malawi and another from the UK...I hope I made a difference...
For dinner we went to Sue's sons house, which was beautiful and met his family, and with 3 women who have spearheaded the Voice Flame Writers mission here or wrote essays. I think all would agree we engaged in amazing conversation and learned a great deal about what women are dealing with here.
Karen and I are inspired to work with girls who are not achieving their education because of multiple reasons......and Carissa and I ended the evening with an incredible talk about our futures, life and all the possibilities!!!!
YAYA!!! Malawi is awesome!!!

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  1. Just wanted to greet all of you and say that your energy is palpable here in Minneapolis. I am awed by the spirit encircling all of us as we reach out to women all over this beautiful planet.
    May all your legacies continue to bless those whom you touch today and always.